shut the fuck up ouma kinnie. i didn't ask, plus ur scenecore.

kokichi ouma *does* align specifically under the mindmap quality, but im not so stupid as to let MBTI/enneagram results dictate our relation. i KNOW i was behind his motivations to lie aimlessly, to argue for fun, and especially to enjoy the game even as he wanted to maintain composure towards the fact that he was taken from his organization. i have never seen a better representation of my choice making, despite being persons of different backgrounds. his brain was most-fucking-definitely spoiled by the pure futility that i spew, if not already wired like my brain. and that makes him a great example of my selfishness.

let's get a few things straight...

he didnt end the killing game to save the cast. im speaking as his impulses. i am apart of him. hell, saving the v3 cast wasnt even a goal to begin with because it was merely the side effect to achieving true revenge against the fuckers who took us from our organization. redemption? maybe, only because getting back at team danganronpa meant coming to agreement with kaito momota. since kokichi died and couldnt find out the truth, let me speak for kokichi, and all of you can use your empathy skills: screw the motherfuckers for forming me. for forming an artificial personality who didnt ask to be created, just for a stupid tv show.

since the kokichi personality was pretty much made under my influence, its a given not to associate ingame v3 personalities with their pregame records.

honestly, i probably kinfirmed hijirihara before you.

hijirihara crosses off the prediction pillar the highest of any other kin. hijirihara tends to connect more to my nature as a person, over what i truly embody. specifically, my love for gore and reliving experiences. before i formed carver's movement, i kept a book recording and rating murders popular over the internet, before i even knew about takumi hijirihara. i could easily say im about as real as he gets.

a sample of my ratings book

low kins

note: all the personalities listed below are likely still being processed to make my list. these aren't recent discoveries tho lmao.


akabane easily marks off as the highest of my kin suspects! not only do we share the same MBTI, but the first of my multiple predictions that came true was his ASW handshake trick. however, my energy isn't very blatant in him. at best, we share the same choice-making patterns.


i don't have enough signs to go by, but yuuya displays alot like how an average teenage boy can be like if he were to be influenced by pure impulse. we also have social similarities when it comes to interacting with people in our workplace, but i can't really get in-depth about that! but we both do love silver shit, and people-watching.


more of a comfort character than any on all my lists, but i guess he's a pretty obvious choice due to our obsessive tendencies and constant talking (a surprise).

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