TERMS & NOTES Contacting and Payment

* I'm only taking requests through DMs via Instagram. Before ordering, I will need reference sheets ready and details like poses and expressions.
* Considering I'm a minor, I'm unable to use paypal and can only really take the following:

  • Nintendo eShop/Online gift cards
  • iTunes gift cards
  • Animal Jam gift cards (yes. seriously)

* Payment will be taken after the commission has been done. I will only share screenshots of the process until the money has been provided.

Customer Rights

* You will not be able to edit or exploit my artwork (selling it as a sticker or tshirt design). What you CAN do is post the commission however and wherever you want. I'd probably love to see my work on your deviantart bio or website AS LONG AS YOU CREDIT. Really isn't that hard to add a "piece by @hate_emoz" to the caption.

Artist Rights

* You are paying me for MY ART. In the end, I will make final decisions on expressing the commission however I please. Artistic liberty!
* Any mistakes in the art I have made can be fixed without charge. Changes to artwork's design after the draft will not be accepted however.
* I can reject or cancel a commission without explicit reason. Please respect this possibility.

Only gay men buy art. I'm outta here!