Beprupi continues to walk the land, hiding behind the identity of his puppet and influencing the hopeless with the solution of selfishness. The vessel it puppeteers is a well-preserved dry, yet flexible corpse of a starved fox. He has no grasp of morality, rendering him unpredictable and impulsive.

He lurks out of spite and excitement, hating the idea of reason; ESPECIALLY reason to live or die. These beliefs ended up emerging a cult following, which those participating in the group were split into branches: those who believed in primarly his beliefs, and those who were infatuated with his revival, believing it came from possibly greater abilities. Beprupi itself ignores this group, and has not identified a reason to care for it.

It likes scaring people, constriction, attention, and the texture of bandages and chains. It dislikes numbness.

Trivia from the Creator:

- Beprupi is the avatar I use in IMVU. Although his IMVU counterpart has hair, I personally draw Beprupi without it. (He also looks ugly in IMVU without the hair.)

- His bandages are made out of abdomen skin of multiple other species.

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