"HI I'M KARNI, AND I GOT A BOX OF TISSUES." God's worst mistake was born on December 5th, 2003, making him a Saggitarius. He's an extroverted psychic (ENTP-A 7w8), and a supporter of hedonism, escapism, anthropomorphism, and teeth.

Even though he gets quickly bored, he's always able to find himself working with variety, preferring almost anything digital. As a naturally farmgrown Nintendo fan, the gamecube was his first console during his khaki pissing days in elementary. His childhood was especially full of "MMOs", like Animal Jam and Graal. When he isn't busy being a loser shut-in, you might find this stupid furfag in one of his local empty skating rinks.

"I've taken great inspirations from the music I listen to; I even involved these tastes into my own art style, clothing style, and lifestyle. My playlist is almost entirely EDM, but anyway... my main genres can range from hiphop, ghettotech, breakbeat, noisepop, speedcore, to gabber. Also, my playlist unironically has a bunch of Splatoon OST. Anything energetic, I fuck with!"

message of the day: currently learning new DAWs. might get serious with music production, hehe.

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